It feels good to be home. It feels good to come across a childfree Kenyan website. My journey has been a long one and clearly it’s far from over. My childfree choice is a culmination of a lot of things. Some realistic, some slightly selfish, some triggered by fear but overall a childfree one.

Watching my mother bear a labour of love almost at the expense of her own career growth and development, The introvert in me who adores lots of free time and space. The worrier in me who thinks about overpopulation, quality of life, the endless cycle of poverty and future prospects for the current generation and the generations to come.

The realisation that finding a childfree partner is almost impossible and that there will be no one after me, my lineage ends here and that I must learn to appreciate the time I have with the family I was born into.

To overcome societal pressure and stigma of my childfree choice and simply do what’s best for me and hope that one day society will learn to accept choices it doesn’t always agree with.

Learning to take one day at a time,learning to see life through different lenses, learning to create my own happiness, learning to trust the process. Learning to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with my childfree status.


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