Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) can be overwhelming. When one user recently shared that they intended to have a vasectomy, the platform went crazy, reflecting how deeply the pronatalism ideals have been engrained into our minds as Africans. Telling or coming out as a childfree person is often met with not so well thought out, unsolicited advice like “wait till you reach 30,” “wait till you meet the love of your life,” and “Who will care for you in old age.” However, as a childfree man, I, more than anyone else, know what hat is best for me, so on 8th November 2022, I had my vasectomy. This is the experience.
In the days leading up to the procedure, I was very skeptical about getting it performed. This was not my first attempt; Marie Stopes Kisumu had previously turned me down since I was “Young” and was likely to change my mind later. During this period, I had to figure out how to convince the medics and healthcare providers who were going to perform the procedure on me. While I thought of the best “pitch,” I started preparing for the procedure and cleaned the area. I did my online research, watched many YouTube videos, and was confident that I was emotionally and physically ready for the procedure.
The D-Day
My procedure was Scheduled for 8th November 2022 from 12:30 pm at a clinic within Nairobi. That morning I took a long, nice shower and manscaped further to ensure that I had no hair on my balls or anywhere else. Upon arrival, I met four gentlemen aged between 20 to 40. When I got into the room, I could feel the tension. One of the people who also came for the service asked why I wanted the service at a very young age. We talked after back and forth we agreed that we are living in an age of decisions and everyone’s decision should be respected.
The pre-surgery counseling service was done jointly for the four of us. The doctor explained how the procedure was done and how long it would take to heal before going back to normal sexual activities and talked about the success rates of the procedure. The doctor in charge called me on the side when the joint counseling was over. I knew this was the dreaded moment, and if I did not convince him why I wanted it, I would not get the procedure. In his office, I presented my argument to him, telling him my desire not to have kids. At the same time, I was treading very carefully as this was a make-it-or-break-it conversation. He convinced me to get the Diclofenac injection that was given 15 minutes before the surgery.
The surgery
The surgery was relatively fast. I walked into the procedure room and lay on the surgery table. The doctor pulled down my pants and, using an antiseptic and cotton, cleaned the point of the incision. I was given local anesthesia, which numbed the scrotum area. The procedure began, and at this time, we were talking about the extent of the implementation of evidence-based medicine in Kenya. In 15 minutes, the procedure was done with just a little pain in the scrotum. I left the procedure room for the pharmacy, where I was given an antibiotic and painkillers.
I left the hospital and had to get tighter briefs to hold my balls. I got my favorite Calvin Klein briefs. The only concern was related to taking baths. I enjoy long hot showers. To circumvent this challenge, I had to shower in boxers. The healing process was quite fast, and by the second day of the procedure, I had to catch a movie at Sarit Center, where I walked comfortably. I also did not have any issues with driving after the procedure. Now I’m fully healed, and there is not even a scar on my balls showing that the procedure was performed on me. While the healthcare practitioners recommend that one wait for up to 8 weeks to allow all the spermatozoa in the system to come out, I would encourage anyone to have protected sex and try ejaculate over 20 times to clear them out faster and also conduct a semen analysis to confirm if the procedure was successful. Nonetheless, now that I’m vasectomized, my only worry is HIV/AIDs and Sexually Transmitted Infections.
Side effects
So far, so good. I haven’t experienced any side effects. My libido is still as good as before the procedure, and I also haven’t added weight.

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  1. This js great to hear! I’m glad it all went so smoothly and that you seem to be alright post op. I plan on saving up for tubal ligation. I will definitely post my story when I’m done too. Good on you!

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