This philosophy is indestructible like a T-14 Armata tank
against an armour piercing fin stabilized sabot antitank
with active protection and explosive reactive armour
no projectile can penetrate, whatever you use to hammer
In other words, you can take this to the bank
and cash out fat stacks like a million bucks
No one is ever disadvantaged by not being born
parents pretending it’s a gift but shit is SantaCon
they just wanted to see if it could be like in porn
so a condom was not worn or maybe it got torn
the fuck does it matter, it was all on my expense
now my days of eternal peace are past tense
because they didn’t use their common sense

I need to re-hydrate before my body disintegrates
hit the gym and regularly, exercise and skate
have more salad and less steak on my plate
to avoid adding dangerous levels of weight
maintain my posture so my back’s straight
wash my hands, mask and eat citrates
and you ask me again why I would hate
being doomed to this monotonous fate

There are people living in chronic Spain
but the ‘S’ is silent, no, I’m not going insane
thinking of it just gives me a migraine
cause it’s painful and it hurts my brain
Nothing you do can go against the grain
not even the most potent strain of Mary Jane
can give you chronic happiness, not even cocaine
combined with methamphetamine and heroin
all the euphoria you get will be all in vain
cause down regulation will break the chain
and you’ll soon be a zombie who complains
that they can’t seem to maintain or attain
dopamine levels that give them euphoria again

Now I am but a captive hamster turning the wheel
of capitalism, just to get by and pay the bills
I hate it cause my hobbies give me more thrills
everyday I feel like Sisyphus hauling shit up a hill
if I ever stop then my paycheque will drop to nil
leaving me famished, malnourished and ill
A third of my life was spent studying in school
the other two thirds I’ll be working like a mule
life expectancy is 66 and retirement at 60, you’ll
get to enjoy 6 years, of this so-called jewel
to contemplate your mortality and life’s triviality
Why should we subject others to this calamity?
When did we choose to discard our morality?
Using bottom of the drum logic and irrationality
with such an unemphatic narcissistic mentality
you wonder if we’re living in another reality
to subject another to such a dead-end eventuality
we have to unconditionally end this fatality
caused by our psychopathic personality

What did you say?
I need to have positive thoughts everyday?
Thank the lord and don’t forget to pray?
Wish the absurdity and meaningless of life away?
Give an arbitrary meaning to life and it’s fair play?
Cause we are on a little rock in the milky way
that could end us tomorrow in a million ways
and we will all soon pass away and decay
and anything we struggle to do here is nay
Come again?
Did you say, that I need to weigh?
The good and bad in the same way?
Who said I’d ever miss the good
and in fact it could barely ever would
compensate the bad experiences I’d
have to live through, call me rude
but life is not a blockbuster Hollywood
film, with a set plot, theme and mood
Life is on viagra like exquisite hardwood
timber, and we’re all gonna get screwed
to make the furniture of life and that’s crude

You cannot have a kid for the kid’s good
you only have a kid for your selfish reasons
and that’s how I found myself in this prison
the world isn’t perfect, it’s not just a bad season
if I knew this was the deal then I wouldn’t take it
I’m ethical and that’s why I don’t recommend shit
especially when you can’t get the permit
before you decide to force and commit
another human to live in this trash pit
yeah, and you’ve sunk much cost to admit
that it only happens for the parent’s benefit

If you ask me below why I am still alive
I will find you and take you to skydive
with no parachute and see if you’ll survive
If you bring someone in the world to strive
you might as well stick ten inch knives
in their back and give them a high five

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