I wanna attempt the Himalayan alps highest
peaks, the savage K2 and extreme Everest
I am full of zest, I wanna embark on a quest
to finesse what mother nature has blessed
us with, putting my body to the ultimate test
and if I don’t make it back, I hereby suggest
you leave me on the glaciers to eternally rest
and let the Himalayan winds caress
my remains without a care for my next
of kin, that’s is what I term as my best
life, I wanna travel from east to west
and be a guest in every country I jet
without having to explain or address
any partner’s request or pest’s protest.
I wanna risk it all in russian roulette
stake my life and savings in the contest
and if I win I will get me a tidy nest
so I can kill my career and forever fly
like an eagle and join the mile high
club, I’ll be upfront and I’m not gonna lie
when I hit the weekends I just wanna lie
I won’t even cook food, I just order or buy
how can I have a kid who will then deny
me my divine blissful peace and hereby
decree all their questions need my reply
milk my finances and mental health dry
such a state would imply I have already died
and the life I will lead is no longer mine
I’m gonna stand up, condemn and defy
a lifestyle I can barely justify
I just don’t get the reason why
I would dare stake my life on a lie
that I will be fulfilled if I try
to make a person with my ears and eyes.
I’d rather get me a bonsai
I agree and accept that my ape brain
evolved in an attempt to maintain
the species, so I can keep the chain
unbroken, it got neurotransmitter to ingrain
that idea in my head like cocaine
my endorphins, wanna drive me insane
telling me to try and attain
immortality by tying to obtain
a descendant as if that’s a gain
times have changed and this domain
is no longer the grasslands we reigned
children are not a fork, hoe or crane
out to work for the family
this new age is ugly
20 plus years of rasing is not funny
I just don’t think you can see
how much I love me.
Please just let me be.
I wanna stay the VIP.
I love to be free.

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