I don't dream of having little bratty annoying kids
who will scream in the night cause they'll need
a diaper change coz they just shat and peed
bringing kids in an unsustainable world full of greed
taking them to school, buying them toys and feeding
them for two to three decades, killing my time
getting my hands tied when I'm at my prime
spending every penny, nickle, dollar, coin and dime
to just say, "I brought up kids that were mine"
fuck that! I would rather make memes and pen rhymes
but you call me out saying I'm being selfish
if you wanted kids then adopt don't be selfish
we have so many orphaned kids who would wish
for some love, care and to scratch that parental itch
so next time before you bingo or start to preach
before you even open your mouth to begin your speech
remember the carbon footprints I'll leave behind are zilch
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